City Bicycle Racing Fever 3D

Rush into the fantastic tournament between the best bicycle racers. Join the City Bicycle Racing Fever 3D game and become the real legend of this modern city. Do your best riding through fantastic city tracks, reach the finish line in first and celebrate your victory. Explore wonderful views full of modern buildings, skyscrapers, parks and your own adrenaline. Drive one of the simplest vehicles at really high speed and feel the real xtreme. Every track is unique, so watch the mini map carefully to avoid obstacles and don't miss any turn. Watch your opponents and do your best not to crash with them. Remember that if you will reach the finish line at the fourth place, your game would be over. Train your racing skills to become really accurate, fast and dexterous. Leave all your opponents far behind and become the best bicycle racer ever. Enjoy fascinating urban city views at really high speeds. Mind that every track differs from each other, so be wise, think ahead and do your best to fit into all difficult turns. Unleash your adrenaline and become one of the most skillful bicycle racers with City Bicycle Racing Fever 3D. Earn points for successfully completed tracks and unlock new locations with new interesting missions. Upgrade your super bicycle to make it more speedy, comfortable and colorful. Check different skins and become brighter and more visible. City Bicycle Racing Fever 3D features: Interesting bicycle racing simulator. Various kinds of unlockable tracks. Colorful bicycles for more fun. Amazing 3D graphicsJump on your super modern and powerful bicycle, grab a handle bar and rush into the best racing tournament ever with City Bicycle Racing Fever 3D.
Operating System Android