Baseball for Fun

This is a simple baseball game for kids. Pick a base and start collecting baseballs to reveal the image. 200 baseballs to collect from each base. Have fun Playing this game. Some words to know in baseball: ball - a pitch thrown outside the strike zonebase - one of four "safe havens" to be reached in turn by a runnerbase hit - a play in which the batter hits the ball into fair territory and gets at least to first basebases loaded - situation in which a runner is waiting on each of three basesbat - instrument made of aluminium or wood that is used to hit the ball while battingbatter - player whose job is to hit the ball with a batbatter's box - an area around home plate marked by white lines in which a batter must standbunt - light hit made by letting the ball hit the bat without swinging itcatcher - player who squats behind home plate and catches pitches the batter doesn't hitchange up - a slow pitch thrown with the same arm action as a fastball, intended to deceive the battercurve ball - a pitch that moves unexpectedly in the air because of spin put on the ball by the pitcherdouble - a hit from which the batter reaches second basedouble play - a defensive play in which two base runners are out from two quick throwsdugout - area beside the field in which a team's players and coaches can sitfair territory - area of the field from home base out to the bottom of the home run fence and between the foul linesfastball - a pitch that is thrown as fast as possiblefly ball - batted ball that goes high in the airfoul ball - batted ball that goes outside the foul linesfoul line - lines extending from home plate through 1st and 3rd bases to the outfield fencefoul territory - all parts of the playing field outside the foul linesgrand slam - a home run hit with a runner on every base, by which 4 runs are scoredground ball - a batted ball that rolls or bounces in the infieldhome plate - the fourth base to which a runner runs, over which a pitcher pitches and a batter batshome run - a ball hit out of the playing field in fair territory, scoring a run for the batter and any base runnersinfield - area inside the square formed by the four basesinfielder - player who fields in the infield, including first, second and third basemen and shortstopinning - a period of play in which each team bats until 3 batters are outline drive - a ball hit hard and low in the airout - to be dismissed, or to have one's turn endedoutfield - area between the infield and the home run fenceoutfielder - a player who fields in the outfieldpitcher's mound - a raised section in the middle of the diamond on which pitchers stand when pitchingplay - a move or manoeuvre in a sport or gamerun - a score earned when a base runner safely gets to home plateshortstop - fielder whose position is between second and third basesslider - a pitch that acts like a fastball until it breaks suddenly as it reaches the platesteal - to run a base between pitches without the batter hitting the ballstrike - a strike is called if a batter swings at a pitch and misses, or if the pitch passes through the strike zone without being hitstrike out - to be out for having three strikes calledstrike zone - the area over home plate and between the batter's armpits and knees as he stands ready to battag - to get a runner out by touching them with the ball or with the glove holding the balltriple - a hit from which the batter reaches third basetriple play - a defensive play in which three base runners are tagged out with three quick throwswalk - free pass to first base given to a batter after a pitcher throws four balls outside the strike zoneSome Baseball Teams to check out: Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue JaysChicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Minnesota TwinsHouston Astros Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers.
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