Kick Flick (Soccer - Football)

Kick Flick provides football fans and enthusiasts the most entertaining football (soccer) experience with amazing graphics and reality based physical engine. Excitement, Intense pressure and skills of playing Football (Soccer) is a moment away by converting kick into a goal with a flick. Stunning 3D graphics Better Play-ability Realistic Kicks Plates to practice exact shots. Wind pressure to master against a natural obstacle. Don't miss to watch the video to REVIVE Your Game and continue in making your best score. Share your score on Facebook with your Friends & Family OR Chase theirs's to be the master. Two game modes introduced for super players;Time Attack; Maximum time 90 seconds Score as many as possible with in given time. Stay focus and try to earn as many as possible time at every shot Don't let game ends before given time by avoiding deduction in time. Always watch for wind pressure and placement of plates in goal to maximize score. Watching the video when the time ends help to resume with 25% extra time. Arcade; Maximum 12 balls every game. Different plates give different score. Identify and hit the plates which will help you in maximizing your score. Dare to shoot precisely with the wind pressure. Don't miss the plates to maximize your score. Watching the video helps to get 3 more balls to increase your score. Share your game score with your friends and family. Like us on Facebook here the best flick shooting football game of 2016 by hitting the goal and make crowd cheer.
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