NaWi GPS Sailing navigate LITE

Simply select your destination point on the sea map, enter wind direction and wind speed and NaWi will calculate for you how to get there as fast as possible using your sails. It will propose you optimal route (straight or zig-zag) and give you exact time and distance to your destination.The challenge when sailing to windward is to know how high to point into the wind.When pointing higher, the boat goes slower, but there is less distance to travel. On the other side, when pointing lower (from the wind), the boat goes faster, but the distance is longer. The trick is to find the optimum angle, that balances speed with distance. And that is what NaWi does for you.Once the optimal route is calculated it is displayed on the map. With simple dragging of tacking point you can adjust the route (e.g. to avoid collision with dangerous navigation points or visit interesting places). Once you are ok with route, NaWi will navigate you to follow your optimal route.Navigation screen is designed to provide all essential information in readable form even in hard sailing conditions. The rotating compass over the map shows the optimal course, speed, course value, time to destination and time to tack are also displayed. Everything in one place, but easily visible.Your optimal route is projected on the Open Sea Maps. These can be downloaded to your device in time when you have Wi-Fi connectivity and then used offline during the sailing.There are no additional purchases in NaWi and you have full functionality available after download.NaWi was made by sailors for sailors. We are sailing enthusiasts and we made NaWi first for us to improve our sailing technique. After realizing how beneficially it is we decided to offer it commercially. We believe it will help you sailing faster and plan your trips more precisely.AVAILABLE MAPS: Territorial and contiguous waters of Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany (Wadden Sea), Netherlands, France (Atlantic ocean, Mediterrian Sea), Spain (Atlantic ocean, Mediterrian Sea), Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey.Key features: - FREE Offline maps available; no need to have internet connection during sailing- Optimal route calculation based on the wind direction- Working for all wind directions (Close hauled, Beam reach, Running)- Apparent or True wind speed and direction entry possible- Use compass heading of the device or enter wind direction directly from external device- Support for selecting alternative route (port/starboard tack) or adjusting the tack/jibe point to avoid obstructions- Calculation optimized for different type of boats- Fast and easy usage in the sailboat environment- Navigation screen optimized for rough conditions on the sea- Possibility of loading different map than actual location of device; could be used for trip planning in different country- Battery saving mode for longer mobile device operating capabilities- No need for additional in-app purchases, full functionality availableContent rating: Low Maturity
File Size8.4 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.