Introduction - Basic Systems

This system includes those plays from long rail to long rail when playing into the corner from any position of the table. It introduces the basic elements of the game of 3 cushion including principles that could be considered as advanced theory. This elements area can be analyzed to provide a better understanding of the systematic approach of the game.The applications included in this program constitute the easiest billiard training method ever published. They are essential to increasing the scoring percentage of every player in a short period of time. The main objective is to establish the easiest way to get to a given corner every single time. Since most billiards are scored after the cue ball reaches a point located within a corner area, it is very important to know how to get to the corners with precision.The logical approach of this system involves assigning a value to the corner you want to reach and assigning a value to the cue ball in relation to the desired corner value. Its application requires the use of a soft stroke without english as well as the knowledge of the system rules. This premise avoids the use of complicated numerical values and adjustments or compensations used in other billiard systems. INSTRUCTIONS - The main menu icons provide access to the different sections of the program while the introductory section includes the common elements of all billiard systems.The first square includes diagrams and videos that illustrate the techniques applicable to the first perfect square of the table. The second square includes the application of the rules of the system from diamond five until the end of the long rail. The short rail introduces the application of the logic of the system in this area of the table. The last icon includes the variations of each main position of the long rail.The buttons located at both sides of the screen provide access to the diagrams and videos that explain the details of the different elements of the system. The leftmost icons display the diagrams and videos while the rightmost icons include text to elaborate on the details of the systematic application of each figure.\n\n\The buttons located in the lower part of the screen (P1-P2-P3-P4-P5) provide access to the different pages of each area of the program.\n\n\The animation button animates each applicable diagram or video while the audio button starts the commentary or explanation of each diagram or video. The red button located in the upper right side of the screen identifies the page and number of the diagram or video that appears on the screen.Content rating: Everyone
File Size46.98 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.


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