Poker Academy Beginner to Pro

Free Poker Course - From a beginner to a pro poker player.Be part of the poker academy full house - master the poker game.Use knowledge and experience of others to win your friends, win the casino and make some money.In our course:1. Poker gameplay2. Different Poker games - Texas Holdem, Stud poker, Omaha etc.3. Poker hands and their probabilities - full house, poker, straight, flus etc.4. Poker rules5. Betting in poker6. Poker Bluff - Pure bluff, stone-cold bluff, Semi-bluff, Optimal bluffing frequency etc.7. Poker strategy - fundamental theorem of poker, implied odds, Deception, Position, Sandwich effect, Aggressive/passive play act.8. And more casino and poker mastering toolsPoker is becoming more and more popular each year - online Poker and Casino Poker are now more accessible and available than ever, Poker hands are now part of our everyday life.Today - to master Poker you must know a lot, understand probabilities of poker hands (Is full house always good hand?) what are your odds? What are the casino motives? Texas Holdem, Omaha or other - you must understand the game very well in order to level with your friends and other poker online/casino players/Our academy gives you this course for free - this is our gift to you.Enjoy and download now!Content rating: Medium Maturity
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