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//////// DISCLAIMER ///////By downloading this app, you understand that parachute activities are dangerous and you assume all liability for your actions and understand that some data presented by this app may be incorrect. You further assume all responsibility for interpreting said data and realize that improper use of this app can result in injury or death when engaging in parachute activities.By downloading this app you understand that this app may cause data loss and that I am not responsible for any lost records or logs or other data.//////////////////////////////////////Dive buddy is my attempt at creating a mobile app for skydivers that is both easy to use and highly functional. What started out as an annoyance of having to search the web for weather data has now turned into a full fledged app. Though the app is in production it is a beta version. This means there may be bugs and compatibility issues. While the app is designed to work with support down to Android's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (android 4.0.x), some features may crash.Yes there are ads. But there will be a version without ads soon for $0.99 (Being honest, I'll probably use any money on jumps because seriously... I haven't had a jump in months and I'm itching to get current and go up again).Dive buddy features an easy-to-use navigation design and boasts 4 main parts as of now.The Load timer is exactly that and can be used to quickly set a timer depending on the time until the next load is scheduled to go up.Next is the weather feature which utilizes aviation weather data in conjunction with other data sources (wunderground) to present you with as much detail as possible.The logbook is also like it sounds and you can easily export logs generated by the app to your SD card for import into Paralog. Dive buddy does not currently support importing yet, but it is planned for future updates to allow importing logs from paralog or from Skydiving Logbook (which is also a pretty awesome app available for iOS users as well). The logbook supports metric and imperial units.Finally, there is an analog/digital freefall simulator that allows you to simulate an altimeter during a skydive. This can be used for training and even incorporates the time it takes to accelerate, making it extremely accurate.NOTE: The logbook may be buggy so do NOT rely solely on it for record keeping. I am not responsible for lost information.Currently the only language this app is available in is English and only U.S. USPA dropzones are listed for autocomplete.Have fun and blue skies!Recent changes:Version 0.83 - fixed a bug that caused Dive Buddy to crash when using the "Other Location" selection. Fixed Freefall simulator so screen should stay on during simulation. Also fixed some layout problems with certain devices.Content rating: Low Maturity
File Size2.9 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.


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