Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien Human Demo

Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien is a deadly serious you-against-the-mountain scenario, where the goal of the game is to basically get down in one piece from high peaks based in a huge procedurally created mountain-area. AGEIA PhysX brings huge new possibilities to the game with amazing fluid particle effects. This game-title utilizes AGEIA PhysX to simulate the snowboard-terrain interaction and offers full PhysX hardware support. Riders carving down the hill can trigger sluff avalanches simulated from thousands of individual particles. These sluff-avalanches can be deadly and this fact also is a reality for this snowboard game. Each ride down the mountain can be a dramatically different experience thanks to the ability to physically simulate the terrain on the AGEIA hardware. Trees aren't just static objects placed on the hill - they interact with the player realistically based on the level of impact and can provide cover from sluff avalanches.
Price USD 24.9
License Free to try
File Size 78.09 MB
Version 1.26
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista
System Requirements Windows XP/Vista