Boarder Zone demo

Tear up the slopes with high-speed extreme snowboarding action that delivers riveting gameplay, reverberating soundtracks, and graphic sensations that provide an ultimate winter rush. There are four different types of aerial tricks in Boarder Zone: straight air grabs, flips, spins, and combos. With up to 20 wild grabs to perform, you'll just have to combo them with flips and spins to aviod getting dissed on the score sheet. Pull off Roast Beefs, Melanchollies, Stalefish, and other sick tricks, as well as performing rotations from 180 to 1080 degrees (see screen shot). The courses have been designed to give you the sense that you're really snowboarding, so in each environment you can choose your own way to the finish line. You can also find your way off the courses and explore the different types of surfaces (groomed snow, fresh powder, ice, rocks, and water) that effect board handling and riding speed. Plus, you can choose to ride at day, sunset, or night in snowfall or fog.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 49.52 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98
System Requirements Pentium II, Windows 95/98, 32MB RAM, 3D accelerator