Virus Merge - Plague Evolution

Breed nasty virus and micro bacteria, collect all the ugly creations of evolution and discover new sick and horrid creatures of destruction. Develop the tiny mutations to create a horrible epidemic which will contaminate the world with a plague of small beasts. Merge the fungi of terror and evolve them into an infectious and microscopic disaster. Fusion of germs will allow you to increase infection rates and the level of the mutants and develop them into mean and rare disease full pandemic. The more evolved the fungus are the more destruction and disaster they will spread.Be sure to join as many viruses as possible to find new more evolved and strong germs. Use fusion to improve the level and mutate and produce the horrid result of the world pandemic. The more mutations, the stronger the plague will be and the more tiny creatures will appear. These colourful parasites of doom will develop into beasts of terror causing deadly infection and pain.The microscopic epidemic will grow as you continue breed and discover new germs and parasites to add to the colony of horrible and nasty mutations. These creepy creatures can be developed incrementally by merging them together to create incremental mutations. Each nasty parasite discovery can be merged with any other virus of the same level to expand the small and mean colourful colony of death.Upgrades and Gift Boxes:You will be able to upgrade and improve any of your creations by using the gift boxes that will appear randomly. These gifts of doom and death bring new bacteria that is already developed into disease full creations. Collect as many gift boxes as possible to improve your deadly epidemic faster. You will be able to upgrade a present several times to reach high fungus evolution. Fuse upgraded friends into truly horrid and rare beings that can infect the world. These ugly micro monsters will cause pain and infection and will increase the need for a vaccine. It will be possible to grow and expand your empire faster using fusion of gifted virus. Open theses boxes to find the prizes of disaster.Shop:In the epidemic shop you will be able to find all kinds of developed bacteria and fungi that will help the evolution of the pandemic of destruction. Save your money to be able to use the store as much as possible because you will be able to fuse more deadly and poisonous parasites. Since all the viruses you own make you earn money, you will be able to invest your savings and buy more ugly, tiny and sick mutants for spreading terror and invisible pain. Unlock each parasite in the shop as you advance in the game and soon you will have a huge colony of infectious and horrible germs to buy and to evolve and expand further.Breed well and collect all the different types of disease. Your deadly empire of death will bring doom to humanity and pain through the evolution of the small infectious beings. Can the world survive such ugly and sick things from spreading and and mutating.Collect:Try to find all your friends:* Common Cold* Dengue* Cholera* Influenza* Herpes* Chlamydia* Ebola* Aids* Gonorrhea* Hepatatis A* Hepatatis B* Hepatatis C* Hepatatis D* Zika V.* Chickpox* Measles* Bubonic Plague* Malaria* Meningitis* Mumps* Rabies* Yellow Fever* SARS* Scabies* Leprosy* Smallpox* Giardiasis* Cellulitis* Capillariasis* Shingles* Listeriosis* Tetanus* Heartland V.* Anthrax* Diphtheria* Hendra V.* Psittacosis* Monkeypox
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1.8
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up