Idle Camp Construction

Ready for a camp adventure with countless cute animals to cross the dense and mysterious forest, find your ideal sites, and build a camp? In this game, you will explore, build and collect through idling and merging. Oh and, I believe you should also feel excited about building small bass, lakes, bridges, etc. and constantly upgrating your camp!HOW TO PLAY-Drag, release, and start your construction process-Drag the items to the synthesis positions/area-Click on the shadow synthesis positions to recall the animalsFEATURE-3D: enjoy the nature beauty from various angles-SYNTHESIS: synthesize animals to increase the construction speed-AUTOMATED WORKFLOW: animals automatically burn bricks, move wood and transport water-BOOST EFFICIENCY: organize and dispatch animal teams to speed up construction-COLLECTION: collect different workers and builders. And chickens, turtles, rabbits, mice, foxes, crocodiles... what other cute animals? Waiting for you to explore!-MAP: browse the map and build dozens of different buildings-OFFLINE MODE: enjoy without internet-RANKING: play tournaments and compete with your friendsThis is a relaxing idle game, DIY beautiful and vibrant world, you will immediately immerse in usteegigames@gmail.comFacebook: following is a more detailed introduction:Welcome to Idle Camp ConstructionAccompanied by the sound of birds singing, you will build and enjoy the beauty of the forest. This is an incremental simulation and management game. Are you ready to get rich through construction?Start to build a small house, add luxury and eye-catching decoration, enhance all facilities and beauty.Synthesize all animals strategically, expand your animal team, continuously upgrade and speed up the construction, and make more money.All are built automatically and no design is required, the animals will take the initiative to work, and the number of people working is up to you.Collect all kinds of cute animals, add more decorations, and invite special guests to join your camp to make it more attractive!Expand the land and earn as much cash as possible to become an idle construction tycoon and succeed in this fantastic world!If you like construction games, you will enjoy Idle Camp Construction! A casual and easy-to-play game, come and build the best camp.
License Free
Version 1.2.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up