Heavy Coal Cargo Truck Transport Simulator (Early Access)

Get behind the wheels in one of the most thrilling and iconic truck simulation games of 2020. A game that gives you a wholesome experience from driving varieties of trucks to transporting your co-workers safely to the factory. A hard truck game that will test your ability in flying car across the rough roads and saving your trash truck from crashing with other animal transport. You will be assigned exciting tasks like coal removal and driving the dump truck across rigid roads to reach safely to your destination.You are allowed to choose your truck according to the tasks assigned to you. Your responsibility is to look out for other cars coming your way and maintain safe distance from them in order to reach your destination safely. It is a race against time, so choose your truck wisely or else your employer might not be as happy as he always has been with you! It is a tap game that will allow you to accelerate your truck accordingly. But dont ever think that you are driving a flying car! Apply breaks where necessary to avoid any major collision. You will also steer your truck using arrow mode in which you can turn your truck left or right according to the path. The second name to this is test of nerves! Difficult tracks are waiting for you. Steer your vehicle with great precision to avoid falling into pits or crashing in other trucks. You are not only transferring coal in this game. You will be assigned different tasks to transport your mates across these rigid terrains to reach to the factory. Everything is in your hands! You are responsible for what happens to the coal removal and your teammates.It is a hard truck game with time being your hurdle. Drive your truck like a flying car to reach your assigned destination without crashing into other animal transport and trash truck. If you had a dream of working near mines or have been curious about how things from mines are transported and how coal removal process happens, this hard truck game will definitely provide you all the experience you need.You will never know what is coming at you! An animal transport that you never thought of, a crazy flying car with a drunk driver recklessly driving your way, a trash truck that was standing idle in the way. Your quick thinking and fast decision making will help you in all the thrilling levels of this game. Coal removal is a difficult task but driving the extracted coal back safely is more difficult. Your chosen truck will help you in achieving your goal in time.This game is surely going to keep you up on your toes. You will not only experience this hard truck game first hand, but you will also be driving a trash truck to remove all the waste away from the factory. You will also be sitting in an animal transport driving along the bumpy roads to deliver the goods. This game will definitely fulfill your desire of driving a truck by providing you with the choice of using different hard trucks according to your tasks. Let the mind boggling experience begin!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android