Flying Hummingbird Simulator: Bird Life 3D Full

Become one of the most beautiful and smallest birds in the world a hummingbird! Explore fantastic surroundings, fight with your little enemies, find a mate and raise your family with Flying Hummingbird Simulator: Bird Life 3D Full!Become the feather-light birdy flying above the flowers and trying to find the tastiest one! Make a nest on a tree, lead the mate there and raise your own family of little hummingbirds! Be attentive and careful even if this place seems to be safe and calm: cool-headed frog and buzzing dragonfly are always here to attack your hummingbird suddenly! Even little bees may become the predators for you!Search for appetizing flowers to quench your thirst! Just balance yourself near the flower to drink its nectar and youll get more energy to fly! Dont forget to mind your health, hunger and energy indicators: if one of them drops, your life and your little family may be really threatened, so avoid dangerous fights! Feel like the most beautiful bird ever in Flying Hummingbird Simulator: Bird Life 3D Full and just enjoy!Complete various surviving missions to power your little hummingbird up and become more enduring, dexterous and speedy! Buy different interesting and colorful skins for your hummingbird such as amethyst-throated sunangel, black metaltail, garden emerald, fiery topaz, Mexican hermit, Peruvian piedtail and other really beautiful ones! Unlock them all!Flying Hummingbird Simulator: Bird Life 3D Full features: Beautiful little hummingbird survival simulator Wide range of different missions to complete Chance to mate and raise a family Interesting rivals to fight with Realistic 3D graphicsLive a life of this really nice small bird searching for the nectar a hummingbird! Explore wild forest and bright meadows to find your mate, raise a family and protect the nest from your enemies! Feel like the smallest bird in the world flying over these thrive places and have fun playing Flying Hummingbird Simulator: Bird Life 3D Full!
Price USD 3.99
License Purchase
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.