Raft Survival Ocean Escape

Want to enjoy the ocean life games & perks of living on vast survival water with horrible shark attack? Then start your life mission on surface of Deep Ocean with wood craft raft. Raft Survival Ocean Escape is one of the best game that you need. The game full story about raft survival who survive on the deep ocean nicely and survive for many years. May be! You will experience this survival mission in real life, after playing this shark survival multiplayer you will expert how to survive in real life. So, let's start the mission with challenging survival games & shark attack.When the game start you have selected own choice character, build a boat and use headphones to make interesting with full sound. In Deep Ocean you have to save yourself from ocean animals like sharks in this ocean free survival game. Move your craft in any direction you want but keep eye open because there is no navigation map available and make it more challenging and exciting. Experience challenging survival escape story after a ship crash which made this rafting life possible. In early mission you found yourself alone and no earth found only water and sea animals that can attack any time you have saved from them at any cast. This multiplayer raft survival come across mountains while driving raft or you may collide with another raft or crash ship, you have survive at the end and make ways to life on the ocean. You can kill the sea animals and use as a food but save from them firstly. You are provided with different sharp knives, arrows to keep yourself safe from whale attack and shark attacks. You can kill them in single attack because cannot survive more one single injuries can destroy it.Enjoy and survive with wood raft but keep your senses active in this rafting survival escape game. Make your escape story in this surviving game which includes crafting building and full of adventures. You have to complete different rafting survival missions in this online & free multiple survival game and take your woody raft from one point to another. Enjoy lot of ocean activity with solo mission and unlimited challenging wood raft. Stunning weather with rainy and navigation gap for time based survival mission. Surly you will enjoy this shark attack survival game but don't forget rate us.Raft Survival Ocean Escape Features:-Enjoy Raft survival with deep ocean shark attack-Challenging survival mission with smooth controls-Escape story based on raft survival man-Avoid to coiled with other raft and save crashing-Real water mission survival with shark attacks-Build and expand your home of wreckage to a buoyant fortress.-Realistic environment with cool graphics of ocean life games
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up