wild livestock & animals transport offload Truck

Wild Animals offload Truck, Experience the rush of offloading wild or animal farm in the zebra rush environment . Crazy farm animals like cow, horse, crazy goat adventure, zebra,dog and offload them around city. Amazing sea and farm animals offload game with 3D animal transport a truck for livestock, wild ,zebra rush and zoo animals. Take it to the next level with the wild animals transport games and drive like in other sea animals vehicle trucks. Start with your wild offload truck games fun in this animal transport simulator that requires expert driving skills! in this zebra rush and Wild Animals are now at new level. This Wild species animals offload truck will be a treat for those gamers who love wild animal transport simulator in zebra rush.Enjoy driving a truck with that is loaded with wildlife. Get ready for a crazy wild species transport in safari animals game. In this game you can create after wild species and beast animals transport within the city. This is a fun game for kids and all ages. Drive around with Cheetah,lion,zebra,elephants,boar,crazy goat adventure ,hipo,rhino,gorilla,wolf,stag,deer,bull,cow and other wildlife creatures. This animals simulator game is an amazing one for all ages.In this wild species truck transporter game you will act as a cargo truck driver in zebra rush delivering undomesticated and dangerous beasts to the city zoo. These wild beasts have come to the town from various continents and they should be transported safely to the city zoo.As a driver with a difficult with livestock to transport. These dangerous creatures unlike sea animals demand you to be very careful. First of all you need to load the cattle onto your livestock transport vehicle . Be careful as not to get in their way and move them into the trailer. As you move the safari animals , you must do it in a way that won't cause them any injury or harm. Your duty is to ensure their safe and sound delivery to the city where the cattle is to be offloaded.Before reaching the city zoo, you must park your trailer in the pre-defined parking area for wildlife animals and enjoy the crazy goat adventure. Enjoy a beautiful city environment with driving a livestock at the back of your trunk. This is your chance to display to operate this heavy trailer loaded with a livestock. If you are ready to take on this adventurous wildlife job, download this simulator instantly and enjoy the life of a wild animal transport truck driver. In this 3D safari animals truck driving game, you can enjoy as a animal truck driver with the best mega realistic truck. While driving you must transport animals in a way that wont cause them injury. Enjoy yourself to become a driver of this huge cattle transporter truck. You will definitely forger other sea animals transport games.livestock transport Truck Features:- Grand city to explore crazy goat adventure- Realistic and smooth truck controls.- Wild species animals simulator like crazy goat adventure- Various challenging wildlife transport levels to complete._ Amazing controls pf transport truckThis game livestock transporter Truck is a unique one for transport truck drivers and animal lovers. This is the latest game among sea animals transport. So revive the uniqueness in safari animals transport . This game is with the concept of 3D truck trailer farm cattle transporter games. You might have experienced simple farm animals games or transport games but this is the best free animal transport simulator with the fun of safari animals and cattle truck transporter. So download it now and enjoy the ride of Wild Animals Transport Truck Game. Enjoy many animals transport in a truck!!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0.3 and up