Flying Gorilla Simulator: Wild Gorilla Jungle

Wild Gorilla History:Gorillas are the largest and most powerful of the apes. ... Wild Gorillas are native to the equatorial regions of Africa. The mountain wild gorilla is the largest of the gorilla subspecies. It inhabits a number of isolated areas on the forested mountain slopes of eastern Zaire and parts of Uganda and Rwanda.About this Game:This "Flying Gorilla" game is very very different from any other wild gorilla game because it is rpg style game and other gorilla games don't may have that features we added many features in this flying gorilla game in which you can fly run walk and attack with very realistic gorilla sounds and jungle sounds.Gorilla lives in jungle but this is the first time that one gorilla have the wings from birth and he can run and fly as well. In "Flying Gorilla Simulator 2019" you can run and fly in a realistic jungle environment and get fruits to live and you can explore jungle with many animals like zebra, stag, rhino, rabbit, crocodile many more.How to play Flying Gorilla Game1. Use Left-Hand joystick for idle, walk or run.2. Fly button to fly then two buttons appears "up and down button" to make gorilla fly up and gorilla fly down.3. when gorilla touched the ground it will automatically converted into idle position.4. Swipe screen to change camera position.5. Camera button to set camera distance zoom-in or zoom-out.6. 2 buttons for attack.7. Enjoy Gorilla Simulator :)Flying Gorilla Simulator: Wild Gorilla 2019 Features3 Camera ViewsSmooth Game playRealistic Animations20+ FruitsRealistic Jungle for flying Gorilla10+ Animals in jungle20 MissionsRPG style gameEasy to playArrow will guide you all the time.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 0.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.2 and up