Construction Simulator pro: Forklift Truck Driver

Fantastic and unique construction simulator, it has got the whole lot ranging from manual operation of forklift, truck driving and helping the city builder in this construction simulator 2016.Sit behind the wheel and start your engine after loading the forklift in this combo of construction simulator and forklift driver simulator. Head towards the construction material depot, manually load the gravel, cement and other construction material on your truck as a forklift driver in this forklift simulator. Now off to your first job, where the city builder is anxiously waiting for the material to arrive, help him unload the material quickly as a forklift driver in this construction simulator.Your next job might need to to go into the big warehouse of construction simulator material, this job involves lots of forklift driver skills, and keep an eye on the other material too. Time is a key factor in all these jobs, you simply cant afford a truck accident in this truck simulator or a forklift driver hiccup while you in progress of this forklift simulator.Keep the city builder happy by delivering the good safe and in time, he will keep you happy through cash rewards and other perks in this truck simulator.Features: Stunning city 3D environment for this forklift simulator. Smooth and easy to use truck controls as truck driver. Great fun, when pick up or dropping off stuff through your forklift. Multiple Camera views for our assistance in this construction simulator. Interesting game play, and challenging levels one after the other. Stunning and challenging game play in this truck simulator. FM radio available to you, use it with your Wi-Fi. Detailed interior of the truck. Rewind option introduced, so you dont have to go through the truck games all over again..
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.