School Bus Demolition Derby

Will you become the next Demolition Derby champion? Drive and smash your way to demolition victory!The time has come to take your school bus off the road and start competing in demolition derby races across the country. Give your bus its own style and upgrades as you aim to become the next big champ.Features include:- Many buses- Various events- Upgrade your bus- Realistic and fun bus paint jobs (style your bus)- Real car physics giving a real driving experience- Adjust the controls to your liking- True to life destruction simulation (including damage deformation)- Detailed 3d graphics optimized to run smooth on your mobile phone or tablet deviceTips on becoming a school bus demo derby proThis game does not only offer a fun demolition derby experience, but it is also a realistic simulator that offers real destruction simulation as the buses crash against each other; furthermore the game brings very realistic vehicle physics making the driving experience feel very authentic. So to become a pro you need to make sure you take some time to practice and experiment with the controls. Once you know how to drive your bus then it's time to learn how to smash your rivals. Here it is important to try and smash your opponents from the side as this will inflict most damage to them while minimizing your own damage. Also note that well placed and timed attacks can get your opponents bus to rollover which will leave them defenseless. Watch out for head-on collisions as these have high impact on the health of both you and your opponent. When racing the dirt ovals you really need to develop your racing abilities as these events are more about smooth control than simply trying to demolish your adversaries. Try to learn and make subtle steering moves as you keep your vehicle on a smooth path cross the oval track. Like in any motor sports, practice makes perfect!UpgradesGetting new upgrades for your bus is both useful and fun. Getting the right paint job for the bus will make the crowd love you. To crush your rivals you will need to fit your vehicle with new armor, engine, and handling parts. Improving your bus is vital to winning later events in which the opponents will get tougher to beat.Download the School Bus Demolition Derby game now for free!
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.