Laser Toy Guns

LASER TOY GUNS is the best simulation game of over hundred toy guns like laser guns with real light and real sound with many different interesting functions.With LASER TOY GUNS, you are like in an intergalactic battle, or in a sci-fi movie. You will become interplanetary warriors to protect your home planet.In the game, you can paint guns in different ways, helping you own more guns.In LASER TOY GUNS one can change the bullet color, the same is the laser color.Also you can zoom in, zoom out the toy gun so you can easily play games on Smartphone or IpadLASER TOY GUNS also has the function to rotate the gun, or turn off the vibrate mode so that you can play the game appropriately for you.In Laser Toy Gun, Hand Toy Gun, Airsoft Toy Gun, Revolver Toy Gun, Pistol, Machine Toy Guns, Heavy Machine Toy Guns, Sub-machine Toy Guns, Assault Rifle Toy Guns, Automatic Toy Guns, Water Toy Guns, Rifle Toy Gun, Pistol Toy Guns, Assault Rifle Toy Guns, Sniper Rifle Toy Guns, Longshot Toy Guns. Ranged Weapon simulated like the corresponding laser gun.Imagine, you join in space battles. With the LASER TOY GUNS in hand, you will now be the hero, to rescue the galaxy, rescue the earth. You will be great warriors to join the between interstellar wars, planets wars.Let's play with your friends together. Split is two factions in the galaxy, to fight with each other. The reward for the winner is the enemy planet.In LASER TOY GUNS, there are famous toy guns like Diatron, Gun Doomlands Persuader, X-Shot Regenerator, Dart Tag Quick 16 Blaster, Alien Menace Incisor Blaster, Rival Knock Off, Adventure Force Blaster, Tactical Strike Accelerator, DOOMLANDS DESOLATOR BLASTER, Vortex PRAXIS Blaster, Laser Ops Pro DeltaBurst, Sniper Rifle, Elite Longshot, N-Strike Longshot CS-6 Blaster, Max Force Shadow Hawk 100, Doomlands Impact Zone Longarm Blaster, N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock Blaster, Pistol, Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster, XShot Excel Double Xcess Foam Dart Blaster, Doomlands Vagabond, Dart Zone Powerbolt Belt Blaster, Laser X Longue Portee, Toy laser gun diagram, Laser Tag, N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12Hope you enjoy the game!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up