Hippo Wild Life Survival Simulator 3D

Welcome to the expanses of African lands! If you are tired of usual animal simulators about lions and other large cats, then this game is made exactly for you! Join the herbivorous side of these places and become nice, but powerful creature hippo (also known as river-horse)! Create your own animal family, raise little calves and have fun playing Hippo Wild Life Survival Simulator 3D!Be a large hippo large land-dwelling creature just like a true behemoth from old myths and legends! Roam across desert and forests, mate with other hippos, raise up calves, fight against predators and have fun! Live the life of the biggest wild African animal with Flying Elephants Clan 3D game!Find your mate, lead it to your lair and create your own family of hippos! Continue your hippopotamus clan to become the real king of these prairies and riverside! Protect your family using your massive fangs, but dont forget to mind your hippos' health, hunger, and energy indicators if one of them drops, youll find yourself with one hoof in a grave!Survive as long as you can! Improve your hunting and survival skills to improve your chances of survival! Earn points to buy new abilities for your hippopotamus or just to change the color of your skin! Complete every mission successfully to earn even more points!Show your power as a real king of savanna with Hippo Wild Life Survival Simulator 3D!Hippo Wild Life Survival Simulator 3D D features:Large hippo as your characterThe whole savanna as your playgroundCommunicate with other animalsCustomize your hippo buy different hats or change skin colorDo you like animal simulators? Start your own herd, explore the wilderness and survive at all costs playing this animal simulator in 3D! Swim or run, fight or flee enjoy Hippo Wild Life Survival Simulator 3D!
License Free
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.