Horse Family Simulator: Jungle Survival

Welcome to animal family sim games, if you are fan of animal family games then this Horse family Simulator: Jungle Survival is for you. RPG style quest based horse survival simulation action game in low poly savanna jungle. Try this latest wild animal family simulator game and become a wild horse in wild jungle adventure. In horse games 2018, hunt with your mate! Raise family! Breed baby horse! And a lot more in this horse family sim. Fight with different jungle animal and defeat ultimate bosses of dark forest after ultimate horse fighting. Use your special attack powers like throw the magic fire balls and energy ball to dominate over the jungle. Dominate in the jungle survival animal simulator game and enjoy the wildlife in this rpg horse simulation game.Survival and quest mode gameplay! Make herd or clan of wild horses and hunt with the help of clan. Take food for mate and babies foal and feel the thrill of horse family simulator games. Animal family sim games at their best so start the animal family games based horse family jungle survival and fight with ultimate wild animals like wild lion or tiger, wolf, fox , buffalo & many more wild beasts and other dangerous forest predators. Show your anger while horse fighting and survival when fighting in shape of clan in best of wild animal family games. Make your own herd of wild horse pack and hunt for your family survival! Use your hunting and magic skills to end your enemies.Eat and drink to maintain your energy & health bar, it may help you during jungle fighting. Automated power attacks for rapid hunting in horse adventure 3d simulator. Start the epic horse fighting and survival quest series to protect your horse family with horse games 2018. Hunt lots of enemies including animal bosses in horse family simulator. This is epic fusion of wild animal family games in which you have multiple modes of gameplay like raise horse family, make clan of horses and wild horse fighting for survival in jungle.Features of Horse Family Simulator: Jungle Survival=> Find mate, start breeding & hunt wild animals for survival in horse family sim.=> Make packs of wild horses of the big forest & start hunting as alpha.=> Use magic attacks including, magic fire balls & energy balls.=> RPG style gameplay and multiple quests in wildlife action simulator.=> Complete life of a wild horse & realistic horse behavior simulator.=> Wonderful 3D graphics & realistic horse & foal animations.Wild animal simulator games lovers has many thrill missions in this wild animal family simulator. Wild horse fighting against other animals in savanna jungle. Family horse simulation has realistic horse sounds survival strategy based quest system RPG gameplay. Download Horse Family Simulator: Jungle Survival and start hunting with the help of mate and clan of wild horse.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up