Tiny Fantasy - Champion and monster of this world

Tiny Fantasy, a retro graphic game that looks like a cartoon & webtoon. Pixel Art GraphicsA collection of fantasy games created by retro-dotgraphics.Quest of Dragon, First Fantasy, Ice Emblem, Slayer Goblin, High Overload,The village management casual game under the guise of RPG, which is pleasant to watch just a lot of Omazu in the back.Let's make money to develop our villages, bring many heroes to town, care them, and send them to battle!Many champions have the strength to visit the village, run the town, make money! Honey, Funny!It's important to care for warriors, champions, and brave men from this world to bring down monsters from this world!Game industry's No-Dong-Dong 6 that lost a little bit of its bones because of the foam!Champion Packages1.The Villagers:a package of villagers2.Monsters: Only Monsters3.Special Thanks: Thank you for playing4.First Heroes: The first heroes of the world.5.Kings Man: I'm not wearing a suit. soldiers escorting the king and their king6.Dark Fantasy: Combination of Slayer Goblin and High Overload7.Quest of Dragon: It's not Abel's expedition.8.First Fantasy: They become the first ones that almost became the last ones. The power of Gilgamesh... came a dark knight. But I don't think they showed all the power.9.Game Jam: There is the greatest of game jams, Lego Kevin and friends10.Ice emblem: Mars and his colleagues with sentences of ice. I came to this world to bring down the evil dark dragon Medius. Alme, Serica and Berkut from the next continent.11.The Seven Misdemeanor: set in the legend of King Arthur, there are seven misdemeanors with the motif of seven sins.12.Super Best Friends: Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed13.Avenue Fighters: Street fighters. In other words, a lamb?14.Bio Evil Re 2: This is a 2 remake of Hyper-Zombie World Bio-Evel with Kim leon, Claire, Ada Wong and Sheryl.15.Christmas: A cute Santa Girl and a cheerful Santa Claus come with Rudolph.16.Urcraft: video game Omazu is a world made of square blocks. Sandbox's Your Craft17.Underwatch: The underwatch world, created by Blizzard, is made up of special agents from HyperFPS.18.Golden Pig: The Golden Pig is here to celebrate the Year of the Golden Pig in 2019.19.Origin: The original characters are from the world's uncle-in-law of ND6.20.Part3 Genesis: A powerful mercenaries with Saaladin. What is their fate?21.Force Ranger: Invincible Forenser! and their Billen will likely continue to come.22.Action Friends: The action is powerful! komandocaptin, Cadillacpipple, daemon-making, etc.23.Comics Friends: They're here for the jump! Of course it's a fake.24.BlizzardFriends: They came through a rough snowstorm to find a restaurant.25.Animal Friends: Let's see the panda.26.EaSekiro: A legendary ninja is here.27.HorrorFriends: They appeared in the world of percussion, as seen in horror games, movies, Annie, and cartoons! But this is a world that's not scary, so you don't have to be scared!28.Old Friends: If you think about them, you'll know who they are.29.lul: LICK OF LEGEND, they're here, too.Village structures1. Church: Resurrection of injured champions.2. Restaurants: Serve hungry warriors with meals.3. Bathroom: Cleanse dirty heroes by washing them.4. C.O.: Weapons to the valedictorians.5. Inns: It helps the valiant sleep.6. Mine: Put the valuables in place and they bring the items.7. Arena: RPG Battle systemanother games that make you spend money, cool games that make other money, Tiny Fantasy! You can earn the jewels you need to pay for just playing.
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up