911 Emergency Rapid Response 2018

911 Emergency Rapid Response ForceWe bring you the best Ambulance Simulator of 2018. 911 Emergency Rapid Response Simulation brings you the opportunity to be a part of epic rescue missions.The game starts with you arriving at the scene of the accident after receiving a 911 call. With its siren blaring, your ambulance vanarrives at the scene for the emergency rescue, followed by the paramedic running out and loading the critically injured individual onto the stretcher. Once in the ambulance, the injured individual is given first-aid and CPR if needed. Your next task is to drive the ambulance to the hospital so that the injured individual can be treated properly. At the hospital, the injured individual is handed over to the doctors who rush him to the ER. Meanwhile the firefightercrew and other emergency services and rescue forces arrive at the scene of the accident to sort things out rapidly. Firefighters arrive in their fire trucks and deal with the fire emergency.QUICK EMERGENCY RESPONSEEmergency Rapid Response force rescue people (and animals) from dangerous situations such as vehicle accidents, skyscraper structural collapses and burning fire. Test your American Firefighter Emergency response skills and save the metro city from disaster. It's your duty to help the 911 rescue squad to fires and rescue civilians. Turn on the rescue vehicle siren and drive the Ambulance, firefighter truck to reach the fire emergency place at minimum possible time. Experience emergencies like you've never seen before as you battle to extinguish fire due to fireworks before it's too late! Get enrolled in emergency rapid response training school, American rescue rapid missions to rescue civilians by extinguishing saving their lives throughout the metro city. Start your firefighting training and play role of fire trucks driver to put out bigger flames in city rescue firefighter games. Become emergency rescue driver and work in fire station to save innocent citizens in fire truck games.Saving a human life is extremely crucial. Every second counts. Rapid responseis required. Hence, each level is time-based. The 911 call has to be made within the time limit, the ambulance has to arrive at the site of the accident and also at the hospital on time. So careful!The ambulance can be driven through on-screen control buttons. A map is also provided to help your ambulance rescue car crash accident sites and hospitals efficiently.As the levels increase, the nature of rescue also changes. As you advance, you will get to be a part of thrilling rescue operations involving a variety of task forces and firefighter trucks, tow trucks, helicopters, fork lifters etc.Be vigilant as you cruise through the streets trying to save lives after receiving 911 emergency calls. We hope you will have as much fun playing this awesome rescue simulator as we did designing it. Good Luck and Happy Playing :).Salient Features of 911 Emergency Rapid Response Simulation:- Real Life Emergency Response Simulation;- Multiple levels;- Easy to use on-screen controls;- Wide variety of rescue operations;- Mesmerizing real life environment;- COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY!!!- No WiFi, no Problem!Cruise through the streets of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago in your ambulance and get yourself trained in skills like first-aid and CPR.Be vigilant as you cruise through the streets trying to save lives after receiving 911 emergencycalls. We hope you will have as much fun playing this awesome rescue simulatoras we did designing it. Good Luck and Happy Playing :).INJURED PEOPLE LIVES ARE IN YOUR HANDIts a free for all game with the inclusion of third party advertising.We will keep you updated! Just ...Vist us on web:http://www.technoglobin.comLike Us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/imagine.games.studio/Follow Us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/imaginegames3dFollow On Google Plus:https://plus.google.com/117107402124338557627
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up