Drive Boat Rescuer Simulator

Drive Boat Rescuer SimulatorManaging the Lifeguard Boat SimulatorYou have to learn one of the most dangerous and complex professions.Try your strength in the role of lifeguard on the water.Do not let the elements prevail in the battle for survival.Do not leave the unfortunate people in trouble.Hurry to help, no matter what the weather conditions are.Remember, your life depends on your actions!Rush to meet the storm, regardless of the danger of dying.All the hope is only on you!Hurry up on a high-speed motor boat, designed specifically for these purposes.Carefully watch the horizon, do not miss the injured!If you find drowning, try to swim as quickly as possible and throw a lifebuoy.Get experience points and move up the career ladder.Transplant to new even more powerful boats, increasing the effectiveness of their work.Go through all the stages of your career, becoming the best in your business!Strongly fulfill your duty, because you are the last hope for people in trouble.* You are waiting for an incredibly dynamic gameplay, filled with a lot of extreme situations.* Excellent 3D graphics will please with its detail.* Audi accompaniment will emphasize all the details of the game and take you to the epicenter of events.* A huge selection of motor boats is striking in its diversity.* The control mechanism is as close as possible to the real one.Start the game by downloading the application right now.Do not let the elements conquer!Leave estimates.Share your opinion in the comments.Have fun with us!
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 2.3 and up