Angry Gorilla Attack Simulator

Hunt or be hunted be a part of ultimate battle between human and wildlife jungle animals, play as wild ape and take down human hunters in Angry Gorilla Attack Simulator 3D simulation game.Angry Gorilla Attack Simulator is 3d simulation game, play as African smartest species like chimpanzees. Evil humans are destroying jungles to get woods and land for constructing city play as ape on rampage and smash their dreams in ashes. All forest animals are terrified from this crazy big ape, they will attack you so hit them back with your mighty strength so show them who is king of the jungle. Attack panther, cheetah, deer, bear, wolf, hippo, elephant, zebra and lion. Preserve your tropical forest from destruction by human hands, beat them all with your strength and speed.Fight against ferocious beasts like lion, cheetah, wolf or bear. Face forest ruthless beast and battle for your survival. Enjoy beautiful savannah woods environment with open 3D map. Soldiers are hidden in the woods don't hesitate to strike them down or they will kill you with assault rifles. Fight with various species jungle animals like zebra, deer, hippo, elephant and more. Get crazy and enjoy playing with this real gorilla action pack simulation game. Hunters are searching for you want to catch you dead or alive.Angry Gorilla Attack Simulator Superb Features:Challenging 15 missions to survive against wild predators and huntersStunning 3D graphics with superb jungle and town locationsReal life gorilla animations for jumping, roars, pumping chest, smashing objects and moreWild animals animations with artificial intelligence for saving life and running awayAwesome HD graphics with superb gameplay
Operating System Android