Offroad Oil Tanker Transporter Trailer Truck

Welcome to Offroad Oil Tanker Transporter Trailer Truck Game 2018!!Do you have a craze to ride long oil tankers? Have you ever experienced oil delivery missions? Transport petrol from oil refinery and deliver to petrol and diesel gas station by driving on mountain roads.Don't you have the ambition to serve your country's economy? Try this city tracks offroad oil tanker driver transport truck 2018 which gives you the chance to practice city offraod oil tanker truck driving games 3d with extremely dangerous explosive liquid loaded in the tanker and prove yourself you are a expert driver of this offroad oil tanker driver transport truck 2018.Enjoy this offroad oil tanker transporter duty game with a variety of oil delivery missions. You deliver the oil from one oil station to another oil station through different uphill off road paths and also face many hurdles like bumpy roads, high mountain. Test your skills by driving oil tanker truck driving games 3d toward uphill paths. Get in your offroad oil tanker and start your mission to complete every level within short and minimum time. You have to show excellent oil tanker transport trailer truck fuel hill cargo driving skills to complete oil delivery missions. Do not get into an oil tanker accident of transporter save yourself from crashing as you are transporting liquid gasoline.In this offroad oil tanker transport trailer truck fuel hill cargo Driving show extreme care while parking your oil tanker at the gas stations and petrol stations because it is heavy duty of this cargo simulator. Enjoy deadly hill Offroad train transport oil tanker simulatorparking and transport cargo on mountain, jeeps ships and vehicles towards army base area undamaged. Supply liquid fuel and gas to various gas stations and make sure the supply of million tons liquid fuel.Start your journey in this train transport oil tanker simulator by lifting heavy fuel from the drilling rig and show responsible driving on the rough and bumpy roads. Driving a big truck in the exciting Offroad Oil Tanker Transport Simulator game that is not as easy as it looks! You must be an expert in parking tankers to deliver oil to the right locations you have limited time to complete your mission in this euro oil truck tanker transport 2018.Offroad Oil Tanker Transporter Trailer Truck Game 2018 Features:- Tilt your device to turn left/right.- Realistic offroad 3D environment.- Pleasurable and fresh music with realistic weather- Deliver fuel supply to various city fuel stations- Side map view with interior camera role- Avoid crashing and save your tanker from mountain highway- Oversee fuel leakage issues and oil spillage- Mission to complete in minimum time period- Many oil tanker to choose from- Risky and bumpy highway roads to complete the level- Smooth controls and high quality graphics
Operating System Android