Dream Scenes - Sandbox

Get to know Dream Scenes, the game that will awaken in you curiosity and creativity in a funny and entertaining way! You can play in an open world (Sandbox) and do whatever you want or complete the missions that are unlike anything you've ever seen! For example:- Exploding environments with grenades, dynamite or bazookas;- Skipping obstacles with a radio-controlled car;- Making a dwarf fly with balloons;- Controlling a drone to shoot down objects;- Dropping bombs in a shopping cart;- Throwing an astronaut and other characters with Ragdoll physics;- Shooting a cannon to destroy a house;- And many more crazy stunts!With realistic physics, which puts you in unusual situations, like zero gravity and under water, playing sandbox-style will be delightful. You are free to do whatever you want in the "open world". So be creative and resourceful!
Operating System Android