New Farm Simulator 2019 - Real Farming Games 3D

Hey Farmer, Are you ready to play the real farming simulator game, to crops field, prepare clay, water your seeds. Simulate each and everything in a farmer life? So DOWNLOAD NOW Free theNew Farm Simulator 2019 - Real Farming Games 3D .This new farm simulator Farmer game will let you to feel and joy likes a real farmer in the hill side USA village Farming Simulator, cultivate, seed, water and drive tractor and trolley in this farming simulation game. This new game of farming will allow you also to drive the machinery , tractors, combines, trucks, trailers, plows, seeders machines, 4x4, horse cart etc.This real former game is developed for those who really like to grow seed through old farming also with new farming technique, if you like to drive tractors and transport the cargo to city and village in 4xt truck then flay and download this free farming simulator game. Download NOW Farming simulator Farmer Life Game New Farm Simulator 2019 - Real Farming Games 3D.You will buy the corn and sunflower seeds from city market in your truck then you will drive modern tractor in your farm for cultivation after mudding your farm, the euro tractor driving will help you the sowing of your fields from start to end, this harvesting game will let you to grow many crops and then after cultivation and harvesting, transports the flour to the city market. Take care of your animal farm and grind farmer mill. Download now the best farmer game of 2019, New Farm Simulator 2019 - Real Farming Games 3D.You have a tractor trolley full of cargo seed luggage also cultivators and trucks, form mowers and other harvester and farming tools which is useful for farming crops in the fields. Starts your farming drive from the village to the city bring seeds of corn and sunflower and go to the farms to help the farmers working in the farms. This real farming simulator farm sim driving game is one of the best tractors farming simulator. You will drive tractor, trolley, truck, harvesters, water machine, plover and other driving vehicle also old horse cart simulator on the off-road, and the modern farming driving on the city roads for cargo transport. Also feed you animal like goat, cows and hens, you have your own animal farm and grind mills like a real farmer has.This farmer sim offers to drive real modern farming vehicles like tractors, cultivators, harvesters, plow machine, seed machine, water spray machine like a real farmer do, also having horse cart driving simulation. Your pet animals in your animal farm near grind mill will wait for food. Transport it in your cart to feed cows and goats.FREE DOWNLOAD and Enjoy Real farming Simulator New Farm Simulator 2018 - Real Farming Games 3DFeatures:1. Grow plants2. Driving Simulation3. Feasible controls4. Realistic Farmer life5. Real Driving Physics6. Smooth Gameplay7. Realistic Vehicles and Machineries ( Horse cart, tractors, trolley, plows, 4x4, harvesters, seeders, trailers, Spray and trucks,)8. Easy Gameplay9. 2 Type of growing's to harvest10. Livestock Farm (Hens, sheep's, cows, turkeys...)11. Extreme HD Graphics12. Off-road and City Driving13. USA and Euro village side14. Steering wheel controls15. Harvester and harvesting fun.Live like real farmer in this farming simulation, look of your farms and harvest your crops!A complete farming cycle!
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License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None