EID Animal cargo delivery truck 2018 _ Eid Mubrik

EID Animal cargo delivery truck 2018 is a farm animal transporting game all over the world. On the islamic festival Eid ul Adha, people buy cows, buffalos, goats, sheep, Bull, Bakres and camels for slaughtering and celebrating holy festival all over the world. In Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and many other countries people buy their Qurbani eid/Bakra Eid/ Eid ul Adha animals from villages or city cattle market. The transportation of animals was a trouble, but heavy vehicle trawlers have made the ways easy. EID Animal cargo delivery truck 2018 has become real farm animals Cargo Truck Transporter hill trailer by loading and carrying Qurbani Animals. For shifting of slaughter animals from one place to another use an animal's 4x4 cargo truck. You are the driver of 18-wheeler truck and it's your duty to bring the wild animals from animal farm houses, do mountain climbing, hill riding and drop them to their novelty places.Animal cargo delivery truck transport 2018 is 4x4 driving and parking game. This is the combination of perfect zoo cargo driving skills, mountain climbing and Eidul Azha animal farm transport simulation. This Farm Animals Cargo Delivery Truck game 2018 is designed by considering a lifelike man oeuvre and domestic farm animal cattle market environment. It contains HD 3D graphics, realistic 3D sound effects, thrill actions and animations to make the animal cargo game more pleasing and addictive. Delivery of Bakra Eid cattle animals at holy festival from place to place is not at all an easy task, drive heavy vehicle 4x4 trawler for in time Qurbani Eid cattle.Animal Cargo Delivery Truck 2018 Transport service is farm Animals, wild Animals 3d game of 2018. The serious job you are allocated is; you must load the holy cattle from the center hub of all animals and transport them point to point. Cargo the Camels, Bakra, Cows, Goats, buffalos Bull. All are Qurbani animals that you are going to transport in bulk density. On this Bakra Eid You are going to play EID Animal cargo delivery truck 2018 game. Drive your 4-wheeler Truck trailer with the steering wheels, brakes, accelerator and gear box inside the big vehicle. Carry your Qurbani cattle mountain climbing and test your driving skills experience in hills. Farm Animal Cargo Delivery Truck and trailers games are very famous on extreme hill and climb roads between beautiful mountains, steeps and paths and become an experience hill and climb driver in this simulation game.Animal cargo delivery truck Qurbani animals game also calls as farm or zoo animal's cargo delivery truck trailer transport is one of the best farm animals cargo transport simulator game is a really prominent game among Eidul Adha cargo Animals truck games. Based on the fantasy of transportation of cattle animals, EID Animal cargo delivery truck 2018 is the best amazing domestic and wild animals' cargo truck game to perform holy rituals on islamic festival with awesome and smooth controls, multiple missions and HD graphics. This sky zoo cargo truck can carry large load. Animal Cargo Delivery Truck Simulator is waiting for their cattle animals. Bakra Eid animal's cargo truck driving experience skills will give you really great experience of carrying the Qurban cattle animals.FEATURES:Quality sound effectsRealistic 4xr Truck Physicssmooth and intuitive game play controlmultiple addictive levels of Bakra Eid animal's cargoSmooth controls and awesome 3D soundsChallenging time based cattle animals transport gameAmazing and thrilling sound effectDifferent kinds of animals in different level and heavy vehicle trailerThree dimensional real off-road environmentQuality animal cargo truck game animations
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