Scorpion Family Sim

Step into the micro world and live life of a poisonous scorpion in Scorpion Family Sim. This scorpion simulator game is combination of scorpion survival simulator with insect and animal 3d game and wild adventure RPG quest battle synthesis. Raise family and breed little scorplings, take care of scorpion babies and save them from other wild animals and fight for kingdom and survival in animals jungle battle. Search for food resources in order to feed the scorpion family and clan of wild scorpion. If you like animal or insect simulators then you will surely love this scorpion family game. Scorpion game starts!!! Play as lonely scorpion surviving at the hostile wilderness! Be careful - aggressive insects, such as bees, spiders, dragonflies or bugs and ant are nearby you.Scorpion Family Sim Features:- Realistic 3D simulator & survival game.- Raise family & breed little scorplings.- Fight with the help of mate as clan of giant scorpions.- Huge wilderness full of dangerous predators.- Explore different environments with stunning 3D graphics.- Ultimate scorpion life simulation with fight, RPG & action story-line.Gameplay:Survive in jungle and dark forest locations in scorpion family simulator game. Use your powerful pinchers and poisonous stinger to fight dangerous animals and catch prey in shape of different insects with scorpion games. Start fight and battle against other wilder animals and learn fighting techniques by defeating other animals and level up your scorpions to increase their health, attack and unlock new attacks and more dangerous scorpion breed with poison sting. Brutal battle against spider and other forest animals in RPG animal simulator game. Real scorpion attack and hunting features with different powers ups and upgrades available for thrilling gameplay and quality gaming experience in scorpion games.Win all survival fights and make a wild clan of poisonous scorpion and fight from the front as an alpha. Fight with enemy bosses and defeat them in scorpion simulator. Play best of animal hunting games 2019 with this simulator 3D. Chase prey, use your poison to paralyze it and glands stinger. Hunt down your prey in life of giant scorpion game. Earn points for every scorpion simulation mission to customize your wonderful scorpion insect with this poisonous scorpion family simulator 3D. An animal simulator and 3d survival game which has many micro world simulator missions and fighting against wasp, spider and different bugs with this wild scorpion simulator game. Save your colony or territory by defeating different boss enemies in scorpion survival simulation.
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