Poly Art Rabbit Stunts Simulator

Poly Art Rabbit Stunts Simulator is a pure animal stunts game which has many rabbit stunts adventure levels. Bask your rabbit in a countryside and stunts arena with all kinds of challenging having endless obstacles and hurdles challenge. Jump over the stunt hitches and win the animal stunts championship in low poly art stunts arena. Perform outstanding stunts only when you build your ultimate rabbit simulator abilities. Trained your forest rabbit into a trained circus rabbit and come onto the highest rank among other animals and stunt rabbit. Leap over the hurdles and your rabbit will endure swinging punching bags, smashing hammers and run on the sliding ramps, and dash through the waterslide stunt paths.Poly Art Rabbit Stunts Simulator Features:- Free simulation of running, stunts & jumping over hurdles, loops, waterslide & obstacles.- Amazing poly art rabbit stunts missions.- Spectacular and challenging 3D stunt park environment.- Realistic 3D visual and cool sound effects.- Animal stunts games theme for stunt jumping games lovers.- Stunning graphics & smooth controls of stunt rabbit.- Intuitive, responsive and realistic gameplay in tricky rabbit stunt simulator game .- No shortage of stunt levels in super addictive stunt simulator 2018.Gameplay:Enjoy the adventure of lifetime with amazingly designed poly art stunts zone. Perform courageous and ultimate rabbit stunts in this stunts simulator 2018 only when you build your ultimate animal stunts abilities. Real rabbit must become professional at basic tractability of stunts training. Jump and pass hurdles like rings, collect scoring points and pass obstacle course tracks. Your stunt master rabbit has to complete all rabbit jump and rabbit stunts missions to win the championship. Lots of jumping challenges including jumping from the rings and jump over the fast coming hurdles will be an adventure challenge while performing ultimate rabbit stunts. Earn scores and unlock more fast running rabbits for super stunts challenge in poly art rabbit stunts master challenge. More tricks you will perform more powerful you will be by getting coins in Poly Art Rabbit Stunts Simulator. It will be realistic challenging task for you to jump and run through edgy and tricky stunts through barrels with very smooth controls amazing physics.Ultimate rabbit tricky stunts will allow you to choose your favorite rabbit in massive stunts park. Go into water park and perform waterslide rabbit stunts in rabbit water stunts simulator game. If you want to get first place in this animal stunts tournament then trained your rabbit as a tricky stunt master in rabbit simulator game. Dodge obstacles and fly through hoops of barrels and run through treacherous stunt ways and risky paths. Trying to jump and cross over obstacles stand in your way! Don't let them deter you jump through hoops and over loops in a timely fashion. Run and jump around in the realistic poly art adventure environment. The fun is unlimited and you can have the real experience to play as circus rabbit around the waterslide water park and stunts show arena.
Operating System Android