Green Alien 3D Simulator: Journey To Earth

The green alien is a friendly alien in this alien games. The green alien was supposed to land on planet mars in this green alien 3d simulator games but instead landed on planet earth on to an angry enemy's farm. In this angry alien 3d simulator games, the angry green alien wants nothing more than to return to his planet and see his friends and family. Play as the action green alien in this green alien simulator games.Dance your way after winning every level of this green alien simulator, as you gather your way around the planet earth and the enemies on it. The green alien is an alien friend that has landed on planet earth by mistake in this green alien simulation games. Green Alien 3D Simulator: Journey to earth is a simulator game made on green dancing alien. As green alien lands on an abandoned farm on earth. His time to become the prisoner of the farmer starts as green alien makes his way to the farmer's house. The green alien cannot reach out to his friends on his green planet. The green alien is trapped in a game of life and death as he reaches out to his other green alien friends in desperation and to seek help. The farmers of the village know that the green alien has landed onto earth and are looking to skin him apart and sell his brain in the market. The green alien is scared in this green alien simulator games as he knows his life is in jeopardy. As the green alien simulator is based on the life of green alien and his green alien friends, you'll be playing as the dancing alien and the pink alien in this Green Alien 3D Simulator: Journey to earth 3D simulation games. Dance your way out of planet earth in this green alien simulator games. To go back to his green alien planet, our green alien hero needs to contact his other green alien friends on the planet of green men and green monster aliens. This simulation of green alien games is based on the latest green alien dance in which the green alien dances around and simulates his funny dance.Features:-- Green Alien Characters.- Dancing Animations throughout the game.- Green Alien Storyline.- Epic storyline and amazing gameplay experience.Getting out of planet earth is green alien's main quest and do contact his lost spaceship he must contact his green alien friends that live on the planet of aliens. Our hero green alien needs to gather radio transmitters this time to make a mega signal transmitter and contact his family of green aliens. The gameplay as based on ten levels and the storyline is based on the actual story of the lost green farm alien. Play Green Alien 3D Simulator: Journey to earth and make sure your green alien gets back to his planet in this green alien simulation games.
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