Princess Room Cleanup - Cleaning & decoration game

Cleaning up can be boring, but it doesn't have to be with Princess Room Cleanup.When working for royalty sometimes they can be messy especially when it comes to a princess.With this little princess cleanup game you can have fun cleaning up your princess's room or your castle ready for her return.Here you can straighten the furniture, lights and wall hangings, clean the cobwebs, rearrange her dolls and other items,as well as throw the rubbish away, scrub the stains, sweep the floors and so much more! So if you want a challenge and test your cleaning skills,why not have a go with this princess room clean up game and see if you have what it takes to work for royalty.Features:- Straighten the furniture, wall hanging and lights to make the room look straight.- Place the dolls and teddies back on the chair and in the bed.- Throw the rubbish away in the trash can so the floor is nice and clean.- Scrub the stains off the walls to make them look clean.- Sweep the floor and dust the cobwebs from the ceiling to create a room fit for a princess.In this princess room clean up game, you must help our fairy princess clean her home and make it look warm and welcoming!Perform the magical house makeover and make our princess happy!Princess Room Cleanup Games is the most beautiful messy room cleaning game, with incredible full house cleaning options:Royal luxury mansion of our princess is in an awful state! So, come quick and help her clean the entire castle before her prince charming comes to visit!Many house cleanup tasks: remove the trash and cobwebs, put every object back to its place, wipe the floor,remove the stains from the walls and windows! Every princess room in the doll house must look perfect and fit for a magical princess!Put your house cleaning skills to the test and perform a room makeover in the record time!Princess cleanup tasks get more challenging with every new level, so you'll need a lot of practice in room cleaning and decorating!
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