AEgis Elements Augmented Reality Collect and Display (ARCAD) is a unique application that incorporates a collectable card game as a way to view the high-fidelity 3D model content that is available from Users will collect the available cards at tradeshows, events, via mail, or other means and each will trigger a 3D model to display in augmented reality.AEgis Elements is an extensive top-tier library of realistic 3D model content in multiple fidelity classes. Our models are developed and maintained by the AEgis Technologies Group's 3D Modeling Center of Excellence (COE). The 3D Modeling COE is a recognized worldwide leader in customized 3D content, multi-platform integration within all areas of simulation, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) and serious gaming.The AEgis Elements production team has more than 20 years of 3D model development expertise in the industry. AEgis' commitment to superior performance and satisfaction sets us apart as we provide our customers with the highest quality, highest fidelity solutions for their desired application.Our extensive library of world class pre-built models is set to three different tiered fidelity classes: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Ready to integrate with ease into any engine.- Gold - Our highest fidelity "AAA" game quality models- Silver - Designed for simulation-gaming, virtual and augmented reality- Bronze - Low polygon 3D models designed for simulation trainingThe AEgis Elements 3D model content is compatible with the Unreal Engine, VBS3, Unity, Cryengine, and many more.Visit for more information.
Operating System Android