Flying Stork Simulator: Bird Life 3D

Welcome to the world of wild animals! Today you have a chance to emerge into a life of the fantastically beautiful flying creature - stork! Chase your prey (frogs and bugs), avoid meeting with raptors, raise up spawn and have fun with Flying Stork Simulator: Bird Life 3D!Live a life of this beautiful coastal predator bird from little nestling to the old and wise stork with our game!Be one of the interesting birds in the world, live its wonderful life by yourself from little nestling to the old and wise stork and enjoy the fantastic surroundings! Fight for your life against cruel predators like eagles or dire rats, find and mate with females and raise little nestlings! Don't be really worry, because you are predator bird: just fight with your enemies watching on your personal indicators, avoid critical points and have fun!Find a mate and make a nest to raise up nestlings and create your own flock! Protect your family, because your future baby birds should be safe and sound!Complete different missions to unlock new skins for your wonderful stork! Black stork, white stork, hammerhead stork (a.k.a hamerkop or umber bird), Asian openbill stork, or even greater adjutant - you can play as any of these famous stork species! Also, you can use earned points to power-up your health, endurance, hunt and other skills!Don't forget to check your hunger and health indicators - it's a survival game, so if one of them drops, you won't be able to stay alive anymore! Eat frogs, bugs, and mice and gather them for your little stork's family!Flying Stork Simulator: Bird Life 3D features:- Realistic coastal raptor bird survival simulator- Variety of interesting missions- An opportunity to raise up little nestlings- Easy and intuitive controls- Wonderful 3D graphicsEnjoy the life of the most popular kind of bird with Flying Stork Simulator: Bird Life 3D!
Price USD 3.99
License Purchase
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.