Project Off-road Online

Welcome to the world of online off-road and steep SUVs!This is one of the most realistic spin off-road simulators on Android.Are you ready to abolish the laws of physics on the roads and super atmospheres without rules?A huge open world. Play and explore the open world with friends in multiplayer.Forget the classic games that you are used to! In this game, many off-road skills are hidden, which you will learn every day!Choose one of the machines, completely different from those to which you are accustomed and have different pendants, and continue your journey!Each car has a flexible setting, sets thresholds, bumper, protection and baskets, installs more passable wheels - make your SUV your dream!In addition to difficult roads, you must be prepared to deal with mud and powerful water flows!Impressive graphics and realistic weather conditions, not inferior to the quality of game consoles, will make you addicted to this game!It is almost impossible to find in another game of "off-road cars" such realistic images or an incomparable atmosphere!We know perfectly well what you are looking for! This is an off-road online simulator for you. What are you looking for? Dirt, steep climbs, amazing turns - all here!The actual physical properties of an SUV when driving on a different SUV, be it boulders,mud puddles, long elevators or deep fords, all this will make you believe that you are driving a real SUV. A real 3D-chart and a large open map will lead to the last doubt. engage inimprove your car and buy new cars. Feel all the delights of riding an off-road vehicle - climb a high mountain, go through a narrow gravelbridge, overcome ford, finally get stuck in a narrow place, so you can not get out! This is a real off-road trip!If you are already very excited, you can start playing! Be prepared that your tires will get stuck in the mud! Take part in the adventure, do not miss your chance!Forward, conquer this world!
Operating System Android