Magic Wand & HP Spells - mantras simulator for HP

Simulator of spells and magic wands from your favorite magic universe.Available spells:Accio, Alohomora, Expecto Patronum, Expelliarmus, Lumos Maxima, Obliviate, Petrificus Totalus, Protego, Reparo, Wingardium Leviosa.The lottery principle works here, if you are trying to cast a spell, this does not mean that it will work out for you, and sometimes a magic wand can surprise you;)If your level is too low and the spell is too complicated - probably in the early stages of trying to create them will lead to unexpected results.Raise your level to successfully cast the most powerful spells.There are many beautiful magic effects and sounds, a full-fledged magical spellbook with living pages,As well as the ability to choose a magic wand, different sticks have different sounds and effects, and also affect how the spell ends up as a result.There are 10 different spells with beautiful 3d effects, some of them:The Lumos Lighting charm - you can highlight your path in dark places (uses a phone's flashlight)The Patronus charm - is the most difficult spell available only to experienced heroes. It banishes evil spiritsThe Levitation charm - allows you to control objects from a distance.The Unlocking charm - opens doors and locks.The Disarming charm - pulls out a magic wand from the hands of another wizard.This application is not dangerous, just reproduces the visual and sound effects of spells.Enjoy
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None