Russian Car Driver ZIL 130

Play the most realistic simulator of driving of the legendary ZIL 130 truck!Feel all power of the Soviet truck and pass a way from the ordinary beginnerto the professional long-distance truck driver!Build the career and plunge into subject events, participate in local races, you learn to park and cling the trailer, conquer an offroad, make maneuvers in a traffic stream,climb of mountains, passing difficult obstacles! A game will please you with a huge variety of various modes!Welcome to huge, realistic and destroyed world around with change of weather and time of day in which it will never be boring for you!Advanced system of damages of the truck which can significantly influence management!Various events on roads won't allow you to relax driving the truck!More than 90 types of cargo, with the features wait for you!Your reputation will depend on your actions, solve on whose you to the party!Open the company of a cargo transportation and employ drivers to yourself in the company!Huge choice of styles, improvements, modernizations and akssesuar of the car! Create the unique style!Game radio, with a possibility of reproduction of the favourite music!And many other things wait for you! Take the wheel legendary ZIL 130 right now!The Recommended system requirements to a gameOS: Android 4.0.3 +Processor 4 kernels x 1,8 GHz or are betterAdreno 330 Video accelerator or similar (Video accelerators of the Mali series are supported partially)RAM of 2 GB or is more250 MB of an empty seat in phone
Operating System Android