Lightsaber vs Blaster Wars (realistic animated)

For star wins you can use 3 types of weapons:Lightsaber:20 colorsmore than 40 original sounds3 levels of sensitivity (for each of its sounds)realistic animation (as in the original trilogy)vibration with a strong impactthe possibility of replacing crystals: some crystals give additional effectsBlasters:2 blasters, with different shooting effects and sounds.Blaster rifle:The ability to switch from automatic mode to will be grateful for the positive feedback and evaluation.Tags:star, game, wars, solo, neon, force, clone, sword, blade, luke, vader, darth maul, blaster, episode, lea, ray, droid, anakin, obi wan, rebel, last, wing jedi, heroes, new, drone, hope, death, awakens, roque, games, one, galaxy, old, han, republic, imperial, academy, jawa, jabba, memes, return, strikes, universe, back, unleashed, infinity, vr, ar, 3d, virtual, reality, weapons, snoke, yoda, yeti, gate, jaffa, zat, jackson, tusken, trilogy, sci-fi, r2, d2, c3, hoth, lightning, drain, grip, simulator, hand
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android