Police Helicopter : Cop Pilot Flying Simulator 3D

Police Helicopter : Cop Pilot Flying Simulator 3D is the new police helicopter game where user would join cop force as the user fly's the helicopter in the city. The user would join the force as the user has to perform the surveillance of the city and watch over the city. The game features multiple missions where the criminal have robbed the places and are on the run and now it's your duty to look where they are heading and inform the force on the ground to get prepared. User can also use the gunship controls of this helicopter as if the criminal shoots at citizens or police force. Use the ultimate advantage of height as the user will not only take the control of the city but the outskirts of the city as well as the user fy's helicopter over mountain, sea and ocean. Use the helicopter to perform various rescue operations in the flooded and troubled areas. Perform extinguishing mission, transport patients as the helicopter turns into an air ambulance. Get the best flight controls with amazing experience of the flight.Be a trained helicopter pilot cop assigned to a police station and get ready to set on a chase mission operating the special aircraft for the sake of peaceful citizens. Chase fugitives and criminals, fly over the city and prevent crime activity. Explore the huge open world map to find one of 20 spots to launch a mission, or fly around and do whatever you want freely without entering a level. Chase the crime guys as with your latest police helicopter drive game and spotless the crime city from the criminals and mafias in this helicopter fighting games with police helicopter drive game Flying this police helicopter feels very smooth and the challenging levels will keep you busy for hours and hours. The city needs someone to rescue them after recent floods and earthquakes. The flood relief tasks is in your hands. Police Helicopter Survival in an ultimate helicopter flying sim full of emergency flight missions that can only be performed.Following are some amazing features of the game: High Definition HD Display. Realistic Helicopter flight controls. Perform Rescue Operations In flooded area. User will transport soldiers in the war zone. Perform surveillance of the city as the user flies all over the city and watch out for criminals. Dynamic Camera Angles. Multiple Visual Effects (VFX) to give it a more advanced look. Various Sound Effects (SFX). Efficient Processing with high rate of Frames per Second. Realistic Plane Crash animation with maeday and emergency landing control. Cosntant instructions from air traffic control room.
Operating System Android