Army Helicopter Simulator : Gunship Attack Game 3D

Army Helicopter : Simulator Gunship Attack Game 3D is the best army base helicopter flight training game. Take flight in your army helicopter to take part in unique top secret missions to unlock even more military grade aircraft and helicopters. The user would become the latest recruit of the army as the user needs to train in the base camp. Your main mission in this army helicopter flying simulator is to fly military chopper and rescue your army soldiers from your modern army heli. The user has various challenges to perform challenges in the base. The troops have to be transported from the army base to the point of battle. It is controlled environment to make sure that when user gets him/herself trained he/she must be an extreme pilot. Show your flying skills and report to the commander. The user needs to learn every trick in the book and all the operations that could be performed through army helicopter. The troops have to be transported from the army base to the point of battle. Army helicopter is a multipurpose machine as the helicopter is most used in transport army artillery and soldiers. Maneuver through all of the waypoints and be extra cautious while landing at endpoint within specified time. The user might have to lift jeeps and vans and transport them to various locations. There would be hurdles on your way while taking off and landing your cargo helicopter, be very careful to avoid these hurdles. The user need to hit the targets from air with precision. The main goal is to pass out all the tasks that have been presented so user may declared a qualified pilot who can assist the army in war zones. Before the helicopter flight the army jeeps and army soldiers they need to reach the transport helicopter first, in battlefield or warzone with land mines. In disastrous situation the helicopter is used to transport food items and people from affected areas. Become a helicopter pilot and engage in combat missions against tanks across the deadly ruined world.Following are amazing features of the game: Realistic airports and air base. High quality 3D display. High Definition display with remarkable texture quality. Classic and modern warfare. Detailed user controls. Realistic Sound effects (SFX). Tilt sensor for tilt controls. Mayday and emergency landing message passing. Simulated Visual effects (VFX). Innovative and dynamic camera angles. Smooth and easy controls. Air crash animation. Advanced aerial weaponry with advanced missile system. No internet Required. High level simulation. Constant mechanism of instructions from the control room. Highly accurate radar to guide the user. Free to download.
Operating System Android