Audi R8 Driving & Drift Simulator

This game has designed for race and drift passionate people.Drive and drift your own Audi R8, Audi A6 or Audi A4. Race with your Audi R8, Audi A6 or Audi A4, park your Audi R8, Audi A6 or Audi A4 at parking lots. Drifting, racing, modifying. Everything you look for a sport modern Lamborghini (Huracan or Gallardo) car in this game! Take your Audi R8 and boost your nitro! Drive your own Enzo, Audi R8, Audi A6 or Audi A4, Aventador and Veyron! Have fun with free Mustang, Camaro, BMW M3 E46, A6, GTX sport cars and more! Drift with your Civic and modify it! You will experience realistic car damage. The most realistic Audi R8 Racing Drift Game Simulator! Take control of some amazingly real drift cars! Forests, canyons, hills and mountains! Drive fast and drift hard on 8 amazing different tracks and cities with your Audi R8. Paint the cars and play this extreme sport car simulation game. Escape from cop cars! Best simulation and racing game of 2018! Ferrari is waiting for you! Huge cities are designed for you! Get your offroad car and speed car. Do you want to drive a Audi R8 in a realistic traffic? Get on board! Download the best funny sport car driving and racing game now. Take your Sport Audi R8 car and drive fast at highways! Cop cars are following you, so drive fast! This amazing Audi R8 driving drift game is for you! The most realistic and extreme car driving game you'll ever experience, Audi R8 Driving Drift Simulator 2018!Cars you can drive and drift with; Audi R8, Audi A4, Audi A6 Lamborghini Aventador , Gallardo Dodge Challenger , Mustang , BMW VW Transporter , Sport Cars Veyron , Chiron , Benz VW Scirocco , Golf , Passat Truck , Bus Features of Audi R8 Driving Drift 2018; Speed up your car with nitro! Paris, New York, Los Angeles maps! Lamborghini , Gallardo, Aventador, Veyron, Roadster, Mustang, Camaro model cars. Two modern cities. Choose the city however you want. Auto and manuel gear. The most realistic and high graphic game. Damageable and repairable cars. Garage system. Customize your car. Car stickers. Realistic sound. Forest, mountain, hill maps. Rainy and snowy weathers. Night and day mods. Different camera angles. 3 language options. (English, German, Turkish)You will be the master in the city of car driving and drifting with Audi R8, Audi A6. Play Audi R8 Driving Drift 2018 now. Also you can drive Audi R8, Aventador, Muscle, Camaro, Veyron, Mustang, X5, E63 AMG, Corvette, Passat, Golf and more! Audi R8 Drift Simulator , car game, car racing, car driving, car drifting, drifting games, drift games, extreme sport cars, driving simulator, drift simulator, BMW M3 E46, aventador, supra lancer, gallardo. Free to play!Suggestions and Complaints: Contact Us: traxisgamess@gmail.comDownload our games: link: Optimized for all devices. -
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