Panda Family Fun Jungle Survival

Explore the panda life in Panda Family Fun: Jungle Survival where you play as baby born panda and face jungle life difficulties with your family. Get healthy food like bamboos sticks as well as leaves in the jungle to build your growth in panda fun simulator. Thrilling missions made this game entertaining and exciting for all animals' family games lovers. Play our new survival simulator and explore the world of lovely animals in beautiful forest environment. Time to time you become giant panda and survive in the jungle alone. Find your mate panda and increase your family in the jungle. You have life experience of panda because you survive in the jungle as child baby panda and now you are big panda to hunt different animals like rabbit in the Panda Family Fun: Jungle Survival. Panda Family Fun: Jungle Survival is survival game with interesting gameplay where you play as Baby panda and survive in the jungle to grow up with the help of your food. Choose your favorite panda to survive in dark forest. First you have to select your baby panda and enter in the jungle to survive. Slowly you grown up and face different difficulties in the jungle. You are roaming in the jungle suddenly fire occur in the jungle and become wide. You have to run as fast as you can to save your life while playing thrilling panda fun survival simulator. Next level you are now giant panda and ready to increase your family. Search your mate and survive with her in the jungle. Mating with her to born new baby panda while playing this interesting game. Hunt jungle animals and feed your baby panda. Train your baby how to survive in the jungle, how to eat food, how to hunt and how to tackle the jungle enemies. Use your giant attacking powers to save your family from dangerous wild animals. Smooth controls and beautiful environment made this game entertaining for all panda game fans.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None