POP Shopkins Surprise Doll

LOL toy dolls are back with new collection of Shopkins Surprise confetti POP surprise eggs. Find a lil sister for your doll in these new shiny eggs. LQL Confetti POP surprise Doll Eggs is a simulator, in which you have to open doll lol toy eggs with Shopkins Surprise. The new collection of LOL toy eggs contains lil sister for your doll and many clothes from new collection. How many fabulous toys can you get? Each toy egg may contain clothes, spray, stickers and a lil sister for your doll. Opening these Lol eggs will cause a new Confetti POP effect.From eggs with Shopkins Surprise, you can earn a spray, clothes, various stickers and a lil sister for your doll. When you open a LOL toy egg, you will see a new miraculous confetti POP effect. Every piece of clothes or a doll came from new collection Shopkins Surprise, so we assure you, that these LOL dolls will perfectly fit your previous collection and even make it more fashionable. In this surprise toy eggs simulator you do not have to spend any money, there are endless amount of eggs in your inventory, so you can open as much toy eggs as you want. All earned dolls and items are saved in your toy store eggs, which also has confetti POP Shopkins Surprise effect when you enter it. Simulator stores all your clothes, sprays, stickers and lil sisters for your doll. LQL Confetti POP surprise Doll Eggs is a free to play simulator Shopkins Surprise for lol toy eggs Shopkins Surprise with surprise. Open as many miraculous LOL eggs as you want, store your achievements and share it with friends. This simulator free even from inside, you do not have to pay for lol eggs you are going to open. Earn every item from new fashionable collection and spectate new astonishing confetti POP effect each time you open LOL toy eggs Shopkins Surprise, in our new simulator.
Operating System Android