Crypto Kitties Decrypted Simulator

No need to spend Bitcoins or Ethereum. You can play this game for free. Buy fabulous crypto cats that you like, using in-app currency Cat coins. Mate two different kitties to get the new one. Sell Kitties to earn more Cat coins. Improve your Crypto welfare, buying, renting, breeding and selling kitties properly and wisely.You can breed two kitties to create a brand-new, genetically unique offspring.When you start playing you have initial free coins that you can spend on purchasing kitties on market and breed them to get desired kitty. Also you can sell your kitties to kitty with rare gene and try to combine several rare genes in one genome.Decrypted Kitties are working without blockchain - you don't need any wallet or ethereum to play. You don't need to pay any additional commission to blockchain network, like in another Crypto games.Collect all kitties and become the greatest Crypto owner of Crypto cats!
Operating System Android