HighSchool Head Girl: Campus Life Simulator

Let gratify yourself with the virtual reality high school girl simulator game to ensure the discipline in your highschool. You need to show your teacher that you are good to maintain discipline and control students not to bully with classmates at high school campus!! You need to monitor the high school students not to do any bully activities in classrooms and keep themselves restraint to bully other students within campus.Your campus is vast, with playground and have many classrooms, auditorium ,cafeteria, gym, corridor and common rooms etc for high school students to enjoy ,study and play around.Stop Bully students in High School:-------------------------------------------------------As a high school head girl talk to your course teacher about subject assignments which is not completed by any student .Talk with high school principal if any student bully and misbehave with other high school students ,so to be punished by principal.As a Highschool girl, you ensure during lunch and lecture at classroom student do not bully each other at high school playground, high school classroom and throughout the campus.Don't let any student be rude and bully other students in campus.Stop and warn students to do bully with classmates.Pre Christmas Fun at High School :----------------------------------------------As Winter is here and it is time for Pre Christmas Fun at high school. All students enjoy the snow falling in high school and play with their class fellows at campus.Here you proved to be an active school head girl to aid your classmates in performing their certain actions at high school campus.You perform other endeavours to the staff room in order to submit course assignments to your teacher. Be active to return the books to the high school library.As a head girl, ensure that no one throw any trash on classroom floor and maintain discipline in classroom.As Snowfalling has started and its best time to back to school.In School life ,you can enjoy the group study with your friends in classroom and by sitting over the green grassy playground of the campus.Enjoy your breakfast and lunch with your high school girl in high school cafeteria, which is big and have variety of food items and eatables there. At classroom, the blackboard is not clean ,it is good to erase the blackboard for your class teacher. You need to Run,Walk and Play within high school campus with other high schoolers in this High School Head Girl Campus Life Simulator. Make new friends in your classroom to enjoy and study with them.Adjust the seating chairs and tables for high school girls in your classroom.Ensure to earn good grades in your class test.Search for Admin room, Gym, and Cafeteria within Campus. Enjoy the birthday celebrations of your friend with other high school girls at high school campus.Educational Value:-------------------------In this High school Head girl simulator engage yourself virtually to play with other high school girls and boys and you can be the girl everyone envies.No matter what age group you belongs to, download free this high school head girl campus life simulator game to enjoy the Highschool life on your mobile device.It is a best game for your kids to perform certain tasks which they would face in their high school.Features of High school girl simulator:------------------------------------------------------- Multiple and Improved control for performing activities in High school.- Make New friends at campus, enjoy and play with them around.- Share your eatables and do Birthday celebrations among your friends at Campus.- Submit your course assignment to your teacher at Staff room.- Participate in Extracurricular activities including Swimming,Exercise,Running andplaying with your friends.- Perform various tasks of your friends to help them out in classroom and at high school campus.- Notice the target in each level.- Complete the tasks within the given time.
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