Mr.Pet VR

Mr.Pet VR is the hyper-realistic Pet Simulation Game you've all been waiting for! Enjoy your family time with your loved ones and this new member - a VR puppy!Whether it's feeding, showering, and playing with your puppies at home, training them outdoors and participating in various challenging competitions, or even just dressing them up with the most adorable Panda Costume, Mr.Pet VR seeks to perfectly capture the magic of owning a real-life doggy companion.#Features at a Glance- Beautifully hand-crafted puppies created with cutting edge 3D technology- A plethora of cute and varied costumes- Unique VR voice-control mechanic- Feed, rub, play with and train your puppy- Puppy Diary and snapshots to record the greatest momentsTame your puppy with your hands and love. Mr.Pet VR promises to have something in store for everyone, grown-ups or children, whether or not you already own a pet.What are you waiting for? Download now and own your very own puppy today!
Operating System Android