Muddy Mine

This game is all about getting rid of rodents and neutralizing diseases in various ways. There is many types of equipment to achieve a peaceful territory, but not for long. Each day that passes, rodents become more abundant and the diseases become more concentrated and lethal. You need to meet your quota each day or things will go down hill from there, starting with scarcity of your resources. You are given crates each day that follows a successful day. Though it seems harsh, you don't need to be alone. You can start getting workers on your side, but remember that they are just as vulnerable as you are. Make sure they get home after each day or they won't make it to the next.Disclaimer:I am a young indie developer (still in high school). This game might have glitches every now and then. I will be trying to fix them as they see them, but I will definitely not get to all of them. There is also no sounds.If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, you can contact me at
Operating System Android