Celebrity Transport Game 2.0 - Cruise Ship Party

Transporter games have always been a fan favorite & after success of Celebrity Transporter Game - Multi Vehicles Party, Minja Studio presents another transporter game of the week as best transport games 2018 with the same twist of party & fun of driving & flying high profile celebrities you love through different scenarios with multiple transport vehicles; Celebrity Transport Game 2.0 - Cruise Ship Party. Unlike most transporter games that are simple police transport or criminal transport & tourist transport games, where you only drive police transport plane or only a tourist transport ship, you will test your driving skills on a limousine car sports car, cruiser car, motor boat, aeroplane, helicopter osprey & parachute jumping.Calling out to the fans of driving tourist transport ship & flying transport helicopter who have recently enjoyed stickman cruiser transport & stickman criminal transport aeroplane. Time to enjoy limo transport games & helicopter transport games where you can drive people you love in Celebrity Transport Game 2.0 - Cruise Ship Party. Take your love of transport games to the new level from our previous free game Celebrity Transporter Game - Multi Vehicles Party. Drive sports car limousine car around a city environment to reach A-list movie stars to get them to city airport via plane landing simulator & then to tourist ship through osprey operation just like in helicopter games. Fly transport airplane & osprey flight simulator & travel between city airports. Test driving skills by driving cruiser car or sports car transport to transport your vip passenger from city airport to movie set. Enter world of helicopter simulator to pick up movie star from her residence to get her to cruise ship party just like a tourist ship transport simulator. Use motor boat like in speed boat games to take movie star to osprey landing & plane landing strip. Best part of this game is parachute jumping directly on to the cruise ship party.If you have enjoyed Celebrity Transporter Game - Multi Vehicle Party, then download Celebrity Transport Game 2.0 - Cruise Ship Party game for free. Enjoy real driving & flying experience in best transport games 2018 & you're going to forget all other stickman police transport plane & passenger transport simulators. Sharpen driver skills through driving around in sports car like cruiser taxi & stretch limo in this transporter simulator 2018 & show off your expertise as transport helicopter, transport airplane pilot & plane landing expert with low fly. Multi vehicles used in this celebrity transporter game are all powerful beasts. So these rides will be faster than your regular tourist transport simulators & luxury bus simulators; hence you have to be a responsible duty driver games driver & watch out for traffic, by standers, high rise buildings.You have already enjoyed many stickman criminal transport games, tourist ship transport games & passenger transport games acting as a police car driver & a passenger bus transport driver. It's time to get into a stretch limo sports car, 4x4 cruiser car, aeroplane, helicopter, osprey simulator & motor boat to navigate through the town to get to your passengers within given time, transport these passengers safely to their cruise ship party.Train yourself with offroad driving, city driving, driving on water, flying & parachute jumping in Celebrity Transport Game 2.0 - Cruise Ship Party by driving as a celebrity transporter. With your transporter cars, aeroplane, helicopter & speed boat have fun moving from level to level.Feature of Celebrity Transport Game 2.0 - Cruise Ship Party:Stretch limousine sports car, osprey simulator, private jet airplane, helicopter flying, plane landing, motor boat & parachute jumpingEasy and smooth controls for multi vehiclesPassenger transport, cruiser car parking, sports car parking, helicopter landing, airplane landing & parachute jumping
Operating System Android