Injustice Heroes VS Zombies War

Injustice Heroes VS Zombies War is an epic war game where you confront insane and beast zombies. Superhero has decided to take a final revenge from dead zombies , trying their best level to eliminate these cruel creatures as they are infest the town and killed so many innocent citizen in deadly city battle. In this game , you are another superhero who has unique abilities and he have to shoot all these beast zombies and need to save this city. Play as a superhero and use all your incredible powers and marvelous strategy to fight, protect and rescue the people and the city in this Injustice Heroes VS Zombies War simulation gameIn this Injustice Heroes VS Zombies War game the epic war started when a mafia of zombies entered the city and killed so many innocent people. Police and army unable to cope with zombies alone, now superheroes has to do something. In this game as a superhero you have supernatural powers and being a superhero with superpowers your duty is to kill the beast zombies and save innocent people of your city from deadly zombies. You are warrior with a rescue mission in your mind to shoot the insane and deadly zombies with various guns and US weapons. You are an expert sharpshooter, you need to slaughter and attack the insane beast zombies with your rifles and diverse weapons in this war.This game is not about war where your incredible super heroes will kill zombies who are trying to enter the city. This is action packed war game. Take a control over peculiar super villains as deadly zombies wants to take control of the city in Injustice Heroes VS Zombies War simulator. You will face critical missions which allow you to crush and defeat zombies . Injustice Heroes VS Zombies War game has multiple combat fighting missions. Complete the superheros escape mission and save the city from deadly zombies with your extraordinary powers.FEATURES of Injustice Heroes VS Zombies WarAmazing quality sound and graphicssuper heroes with extraordinary supernatural powers.Advanced guns and US weaponsMultiple challenging mission to rescue the citySleek and easy game controlIncredible superheroes rescue mission
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